"Father's Day" 


Currently on the Festival Circuit

fathers day screen shot colored.png

"Father's Day" is a glimpse into the emotional life of an alcoholic family. Written and directed by Tommy Harrington, it stars Kyle Vahan, Nahanni Arntzen, Brice Harrington, Jenny Newbry, and Art Alexakis. The film's soundtrack features music by Chastity Belt, Richmond Fontaine, Chance, and The Standard. (Runtime: 18min)

"This is absolutely heartbreaking, deep, beautiful and sad. The story feels and looks almost exactly like my childhood with MY dad. What an incredible short. Beautiful storytelling…The acting is superb and the cinematography is haunting."

- Jana Lee Hamblin, actress
  (The West Wing, Portlandia, Grimm, E.R.)

While the film is in festivals, there will be no public screenings. You can request an online screening by sending an email via the contact page.