About his latest film, "Father's Day":

"This is absolutely heartbreaking, deep, beautiful and sad. The story feels and looks almost exactly like my childhood with MY dad. What an incredible short. Beautiful storytelling…The acting is superb and the cinematography is haunting."

- Jana Lee Hamblin, actress
  (The West Wing, Portlandia, Grimm, E.R.)

"Tommy Harrington made a rough slice of life! It really doesn't hold back. Super well acted and nicely shot, the story is a hard one to swallow but I was right there with it at the end."

- Eliot Rockett, director of photography
  (Grimm, The Innkeepers, House of the Devil)

"Tommy Harrington has a perspective and a voice that could prove to be an important one...so real and on the mark."

- James Haygood, editor
  (Fight Club, The Game, Where the Wild Things Are)


Photo: Meredith Adelaide

Photo: Meredith Adelaide